Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From the Heart: Governor Palin's remarks after the World Premiere of "The Undefeated"

Well, I am recovering from my amazing trip to Pella, Iowa for the World Premier of  The Undefeated. I experienced some technical difficulties as I intended to 'Live Tweet' from the event, but after just a couple tweets my BlackBerry went dead. (uhg!) So I am sure I let a lot of people down with that.

Pella is a beautiful little community that is really charming. It was the perfect venue for this event. There were many dignitaries in attendance, from national figures like Sarah and Todd Palin, Andrew Brietbart, Jedediah Bila, Tammy Bruce to more local celebs like Bob Vander Plaats, the turn out was amazing.

Upon arriving in town at about 3:30, the first order of business was to locate the Jaarsma Bakery becasue I had heard so much about their famous 'Dutch Letters'. As I drove around the town square looking for a place to park, a car backed out of a slot right in front of the store. I parked and got out, making a mental note that, while there were a lot of people sort of milling about and going in and out of shops, it didn't look like a huge crowd was on hand. 

When I opened the door to Jaarsma's, I saw a mass of humanity and thought, 'Whoa...this is where all the people are...those 'Dutch Letters must be good!"

It was then my daughter, who was accompanying me on this adventure, hit my shoulder and said, 'Look who's here."

Sure enough, Todd and Sarah were in the bakery, having stopped in to try the local wares themselves. I later talked with people who had only gotten a chance to briefly see the top of the Governors head through all the crowd's,( people and media mass around her) and here I drove right in and walked into her at our first stop.

The day would only get better.

We got our tickets for the movie and as we went in we found we had assigned seats. Ours were in the very front row, which were excellent seats. Governor Palin was seated just four rows behind us. What happened next has been much talked about, and it was totally unexpected, but after the movie ended Governor Palin got up and gave some extemporaneous remarks .

Siting in the front row, we had the perfect vantage point. We were so close we could have almost reached out and touched her. She was literally only a couple feet in front of us as she delivered this heart felt and moving, off the cuff speech. You will notice there was no teleprompter nor even any notes.

She spoke with the conviction of someone who believes what they are saying. Sitting that close for this stirring speech was truly inspirational. She is the real deal.

Here is Governor Sarah Palin, authentic and from the heart:


  1. Nice Work, teledude. By far the best video of this great impromptu speech.

  2. She gets it - plain and simple. No matter what the MSM says, they can't undo the words and conviction with which they're delivered.

  3. Jeeeperz..

    Dude, I've got tears in my eyes and I haven't even clicked play yet.

    Ma McGriz

  4. Oh I hope Sarah has seen this, and that her parents have, as well.

    Teledude, you and that Baby Girl of yours just witnessed and took part in history. I know you don't need to be told that. And you've blessed a whole lot of us in the process.

    THIS will be seen by many eyes and will touch many hearts in the months to come.

    The others talk about themselves, but she talks about us and America's goodness. The others talk about where they've been, while she's out on point, leading us forward to where we need to be.

    Good work, man. It was obviously meant to be. Somebody up there loves us!

    Ma McGriz

  5. Tele, I posted your video and gave your blog a shout-out.

    Right Wingnut

  6. Thanks RW.

    And thanks to all for your kind comments. It was certainly a day I will always remember.

    ~ teledude

  7. Wow, great quality! She's so awesome!

  8. Thank you for sharing the great video. Best quality of one I have seen.

    Sarah Palin, the ANTIDOTE in 2013!

    DH in MO

  9. Sarah gets it...nobody could be more authentic and sincere than Sarah. A wonderful example for women and mankind as a whole. Thanks for doing this and thanks to Sarah and Family for the abuse they have taken to promote true values we as a country should have. GO Sarah!

  10. Great video. The best one out there. I posted as well and encouraged our readers to come and read your experiences at the event.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Great video, far better than the one I took. Good job!

  12. thanks for posting this! cheers from a Palin fan in NZ