Monday, November 28, 2011

The Challenge

The reconsider movement is buying time for this ad to run in Iowa this week!


  1. Many supporters want Sarah Palin to reconsider running for President. Today, Conservatives4Palin will begin running an ad on TV. To show that you think she should run, you can wear items that proclaim the message and help spread it far and wide. Please go to the link to find a t-shirt, jewelry, hat, tote bag, button, mug, water bottle or other item to advertise your support of the “Reconsider Movement”!

  2. Sarah Palin is not going to run for POTUS! She made that clear already. I cried for almost a week when I heard her announcement that she is not running. I moved on and I expect a lot of Sarah followers will moved on as well. Sarah is a unique Politician that only comes once in one lifetime. This is her time to shine and make America that we know shine again. Sadly, she retreat when our Country and "we the people" needed her so desperately. Changes in Washington will not change unless someone like Sarah Palin (with records of changes and records of challenging the establishment) is willing to try to make a different. One might asked, what are the points of all this Sarah Blog...NOTHING!!! It doesn't mean anything because the person who meant so much to millions of American people and desperately needed to make that an honest changes in Washington decided not to get involved. American as we know will most likely forever change because the Establishment Elitists" the Good-Old-Boys" from both sides will not be challenge and not be put on check...back to same as usual and sticking it to the American people back. Sarah Palin would have been a great President if she only take that one step forward! With disappointment and heartbreak...I moved on. The next possibility for a woman President is most likely be Chelsea Clinton. She's being groom for it.

  3. Iowans, its time to make history and write-in Sarah Palin. Lets win one for the woman from the last frontier. The current GOP Candidates are just unacceptable.