Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The path forward

Well, I haven't updated this site for a long while.

I started this blog to help organize for what we all thought was going to be a Palin run for the White House, and now that Rick Santorum has dropped out it appears Mitt Romney has wrapped up the nomination (and Governor Palin is still not running!) I am not sure how to continue with this site.

Of course I and many of her supporters still stand behind her 100% and pray for the day when our country can see her vision of reform and restoration of our nation take place. 

Moving forward, I think I will still post on Governor Palin's activities...she does have a way of staying relevant to the conversation of our national direction.

I'd like to thank everyone who frequented this blog back in it's heyday...those were exciting I look back on speeches and poll results and other opinions of Governor Palin and her chances in the election I can only think of what might have been.

I believe we need to come together and support the party nominee because President Obama is a very real threat to the well being of this nation, and his removal from office must be our number one goal.


  1. Join us at Together let us show the Governor she has a solid and strong grassroots support.

  2. I Cheated On My Wives For You America, newt Says:

    I just can't stop smiling. I'm just here to help. Heh heh.