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Do you support a Palin presidential run? Here’s a useful guide to her accomplishments.

The Conservative Diva
By Diva Daria

If you’re like Diva Ellen and me — avidly supporting a Palin presidential run — it can be a daunting challenge to present her many qualifications to your friends and family members who are non-political junkies and thus, vulnerable to the lamestream media/pop culture PDS-infected smear machine. Or if they are registered Republicans, chances are at least a few of them have bought into the establishment GOP nonsense of Palin’s “unelectability”.

So what’s a Palin supporter to do? Get informed and talk to everyone you know about Sarah Palin — armed with facts. Here’s a handy guide, courtesy of our Facebook friend Jelayne Sessler:

What was Governor Palin’s legacy in Alaska?
Before the Obama campaign and their media allies set out to destroy her during the 2008 campaign and beyond, Sarah Palin had earned the highest approval ratings of any governor in the United States of America. See this Weekly Standard article for more information.
Palin was also a courageous reformer and whistle-blower who took on entrenched interests in her own party, most notably the leader of the Republican Party in Alaska — and won. In 2007, she signed ethics reform into law. Read all about it in the Anchorage Daily News.
As governor, Sarah Palin was also responsible for getting the largest energy project in North American history underway after several decades of interminably delays in Alaska. See this piece from for the full story.
But, but isn’t Palin just another social conservative who only appeals to Christians?

As much as establishment Republicans and the lamestream media like to paint her exclusively as a pro-life, pro-traditional values social conservative (which I also love about her), the fact is Sarah Palin has a proven track record of fiscal conservatism, including:
The ACES program for Big Oil companies, outlined in the Wall St. Journal
Enactment of the largest veto cuts in Alaska’s history, described in this Alaska Journal of Commerce article
Sale of private governor’s jet and firing of governor’s chef after taking office
Savings of millions of dollars for the state of Alaska

In addition to all of the salient points raised by Jelayne, I would also like to add that Sarah Palin has been stalwart and courageous in taking the fight directly to Obama for nearly three years now. She’s also proven her effectiveness and savvy in using social media platforms like Facebook and twitter to advance the cause of conservatism, not to mention getting Tea Party candidates elected in November, 2010.

And while the squishes in the Republican Party sat back and watched, Palin was relentless and falsely savaged in the media for somehow being responsible for the fact that a mentally-ill shooter opened fire on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her constituents in Arizona, resulting in death for some, grave injury for others. Where were Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Michael Steele, Rick Santorum and others? Not one of them came to her defense, which speaks volumes about their character.

So just keep that in mind whenever your hear “Republican operatives” poo-pooing a Palin candidacy or proclaiming her unelectable. 

As for the left, of course they want to promote the fallacy of Palin as a non-serious challenge to Obama. They understand that with one phrase, “death panels” in a 2009 Facebook note, she redefined the debate on Obamacare and helped to motivate citizens to attend town halls to express their opposition. The same is true for just about every other critical issue — from energy to national security to our alliance with Israel. 

The bottom line: We as Palin patriots have our work cut out for us as a result of the relentless media/pop culture character assassination over the past three years. But it can be done successfully, as long as we know the facts about Palin and have the guts, willingness and tenacity to continually confront the uninformed. I firmly believe that once most voters truly know the real Sarah Palin and her record, they will rally behind her — especially with gasoline prices on the rise and the continuing hostility of the Obama administration toward domestic drilling. 

As Rush always encourages conservatives — DO NOT LET THE MEDIA SELECT OUR CANDIDATE!

Furthermore, it might be useful to point out to your GOP friends that no matter who runs with the “R” after their name and challenges their messiah, he or she will be subject to the basest, most repugnant attacks, too. In effect, they will also be “Palinized”. So using that as reason not to support her is highly misguided and simply wrongheaded. When you look at her record, her rhetoric, her charisma and her willingness to confront Obama — fake charges of “racism” be damned — I don’t know how any serious conservative can refuse to support Sarah Palin.

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  1. Thank you for posting!! We will never let the Lame Steam choose our candidate!! PALIN 2012!!