Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MSNBC Airs a Fair Report on Governor Palin

I admit my jaw dropped to see this pretty fair report on Governor Palin showing up on MSNBC of all places. This is the message the mainstream media has suppressed for years while they have derided and ridiculed her. They must feel "safe" now that her poll numbers have fallen into the range of a normal human politician. 

This is exactly the message that needs to make it's way into the public's perception of Governor Palin if we're going to overcome the false narrative that has been relentlessly advanced by the left and their media cohorts. Of course they still underestimate her prowess, but it is very gratifying to see her record as Governor getting a fair hearing. 

~ teledude

1 comment:

  1. finally the day of reckoning for our Sarah Palin.
    They owe her an apology.