Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sarah Inches Closer

The Tea Party Tribune

Sean Hannity just had Sarah Palin on as a guest with whom he discussed two approaching deadlines. One was the arbitrarily set deadline of August 2 whereby the Democrats are trying to twist the arms of the GOP, forcing them to raise the debt ceiling… basically, demanding that we give the junkie more smack.

Palin’s answers and general approach to the situation were, as usual, spot on. Her suggestions that the GOP not blink, and instead demand that our chief executive actually lead on this issue by coming up with a plan to get through the weeds instead of continuing his petulant game of class warfare and disingenuous financial sky is falling rhetoric, were also exactly what we should expect from a real leader.

The other deadline, a bit more loosely interpreted, was framed when Sean asked Sarah if she had a general timetable for making a decision about whether or not she would run for president. Sarah started with the general disclaimer that she isn’t conceited enough to believe that nobody else could solve the problems that we face, then quickly segued into her belief that the right person, with all the requisite experience, record and skillset, was not yet among the cadre of current GOP hopefuls.

She then, in a more candid moment than we have seen from her regarding this issue to date, acknowledged that any serious candidate would have to have their organizational game on the ground and in motion by August/September. It is now July 13.

I firmly believe that she fully intends not only to throw her hat into the ring, but that she has a very innovative and strategically sound plan for winning the 2012 presidential election. By reiterating that she would not necessarily run if she saw the right person positioned to seize those reins, but that she did not see that person in the current group of contenders, this is the closest we have gotten so far to a firm statement that she intends to run, and intends to officially announce this quite shortly.

While I titled this “Sarah Inches Closer,” I actually feel she did quite a bit more than that tonight. She made it clear that she feels she can win, that there’s nobody already running whom she trusts to do the job, and that it’s only a few short days or weeks at most before she plans to make an official announcement.

What she didn’t come out and explicitly state precisely the same words, she said exactly the same thing with the words that she did use, and quite frankly I could not be happier. For the first time in the 2012 general election season, I have every good confidence that we now not only have some light at the end of this tunnel.

We truly have rapidly rising, very brightly shining star.

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