Thursday, July 7, 2011

Singleton on Palin: She can beat Obama

The Iowa Independent
By Meghan Malloy

Peter Singleton doesn’t consider himself former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s “ground man” in Iowa.

The California resident, who “spends a lot of time in Iowa,” just considers himself “your average private citizen and grassroots activist who wants to have his voice heard. To say I’m the ‘man on the ground’ isn’t accurate, but I’m not offended.”

Yet, Singleton, an attorney, and his political opinion of Palin have circulated blogs and news articles ranging from the Wall Street Journal, to the Los Angeles Times, to The Atlantic, to even the U.K. Telegraph in Europe — some of which have dubbed him one of Palin’s top political operatives.

“I’ve never met Gov. Palin,” Singleton told The Iowa Independent, with a chuckle.

Yet Singleton has volunteered and organized grassroots organizations for Palin tirelessly, including recruiting supporters and volunteers for Organize 4 Palin during the former Governor’s recent trip to Pella for the premiere of the documentary “The Undefeated.” He visits the Hawkeye State repeatedly to continue garnering support for the woman he believes can defeat President Barack Obama in 2012.

“I believe she will run, in fact, it is a certainty she will,” Singleton told the Iowa Independent Wednesday, an idea he bases on his own opinion and analysis of her political movements so far compared to high profile Republicans who have declared candidacy. “Now, this is my opinion, so is there a chance I could be wrong?
 Well, sure. But based on what I have seen publicly, I just find it inconceivable she would sit 2012 out.”

Recently, former WHO Radio talk show host Steve Deace, commented on his website he had met with Singleton, and the pair started talking about the 2012 election, which is comprised of a host of GOP candidates yet to catch fire with Republicans and social or religious Conservative.

“I asked him point blank if he thought Palin was going to declare her candidacy, and his answer was ’100 percent,’” Deace wrote.

Strong words for a presidential prospect who has not formed a presidential exploratory committee, made copious appearances in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire, or has dropped indications that an impending announcement is on the proverbial horizon.

But, Singleton, who confirmed the meeting with Deace, said sometimes going against the grain is just as effective in an election cycle, rather than following the leader.

“Look, Gov. Palin is unique and has her own rules. She can’t do what other (candidates) do and just play it loose,” Singleton said. “While others are out just running for president, she’s actually demonstrating leadership. She actively opposed Obamacare, she opposed cap and trade. There is match between her track record of leadership and the needs of this country.”

And Palin, who has visited Iowa once since candidates have started their formal announcements for the White House, also has name recognition to carry a potential campaign.

“Just because she is making movements like the other candidates does not mean she’s not running,” Singleton speculated.

When asked if Palin — often scrutinized by media reports as being inexperienced in the political arena, and teased in parodies during her 2008 vice-presidential bid — could actually beat Obama if nominated, Singleton was upbeat.

“Absolutely,” he said. “Absolutely she can.”


  1. I'm right there with ya, Mr. Singleton!

  2. As for the ignorant, dismissive last paragraphs by Meghan Malloy she might want to attend "The Undefeated." Then there is the back story of the movie "The Undefeated". What better place to hear it than from Stephen Bannon's own mouth?

    Here he is talking about the movie and Sarah Palin at the Heritage Foundation - eloquent, thoughtful, articulate and persuasive. Well worth 38 minutes of anybody's time. Send it to your friends.

    Heritage Foundation