Friday, August 19, 2011

Iowa Passion

In case anyone missed it, Governor Palin stopped by the Iowa State Fair last week. This is a great video of her time there.  ~ teledude


A week later we are still remembering all the great patriotic Iowans we met at the state fair. We are also still trying to work off that delicious fried butter on a stick and red velvet funnel cake. I look forward to being back in Iowa in Indianola on September 3rd. Enjoy SarahPAC’s latest video and thank you Iowa!

- Sarah Palin


  1. Take note of the final shot. "Thank You Iowa See You Again on Sep 3rd!"


  2. Absolutely! It's amazing that the release of this video has caused some previous doubters in the media to come to the realization Governor Palin is going to run (as we have believed all along.)

    Some are saying they think she will announce at the Tea Party Rally on Sept. 3rd, but I lean more towards her doing in shortly after that.

    I think the Sept. 3rd speech will be a precursor to the actual announcement. Maybe she will 'announce' an announcement is coming shortly!

    Very exciting times here in Iowa. Very exciting!

  3. I actually like the 29th of August date... I like the symbolism of it...of course she did say she will not enter Iowa as a candidate so who knows? I think she has played this so brilliantly. Originally, I think she might've announced earlier in the Summer but events on the ground changed that...the lady can adapt...the question is, can her competitors adapt to her? I predict Bachmann is back in the single digits within 2 weeks of her announcement and won't even be on the ballot come caucus time.