Friday, August 5, 2011

My response to the 'quitter' meme

I came across a posting on the internet was another old worn out attempt to bash Governor Palin as a quitter for resigning as Governor. At first I wasn't going to respond, but I feel we need to put these mindless posters in their place. I guess this is one 'battle' that will have to be waged over and over, one groupthink imbecile at a time. Here was my brief response...maybe it will help some people view it in a different light. ~ teledude

People are so used to politicians fighting to remain in power no matter what for their own personal political ambitions (see: Weiner, Rangle, etc.) that when a true public servant comes along that has the best interests of their constituents at heart, it looks unusual.

Governor Palin was a target and her office was hamstrung by the legal attacks (directed from the White House) that were costing the state millions in legal fees and lost productivity.

She recognized that by removing the target (her) the Governor's office could get back to it's normal responsibilities.

She had already fulfilled all of her campaign promises and had made such unprecedented reforms the state of Alaska was set on a course of fiscal solvency for decades to come.

Alaska has a $12 Billion dollar surplus now due to the reforms and frugal government she instituted.

Her resignation was a selfless act of courage. She put the people of Alaska ahead of her own personal ambitions, she had already accomplished all she set out to do...and she could have stuck around drawing a salary and milking the system while the state suffered as most typical politicians do, but instead, by resigning, she won a victory against her political enemies and went on to help engender the Republican landslide in 2010.

This is why the left hates her so...she is effective. The fact that they have been reduced to calling her a quitter shows they have nothing of substance against her.

She is the exact opposite of a quitter, which they will see very shortly. Soon they will be wishing she would 'quit'.



  1. You nailed the reason "why" quite well. Unfortunately, there are too many groupthink imbeciles that will never "get it. " No matter, there are more of us than them. She will run and she will win.

  2. they are ALL SCARED OF HER......SHE WILL WIN!!

  3. Thank you for saying this so well! I am going to save it and use it. Resigning as governor is one of the most often heard comments that I come up about her when I mention her name as a candidate.