Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Road to Waukee: August 2nd

Peter Singleton and Michelle McCormick

Dear friends,

We just got back from another extended walk-through of the September 3 Rally site with one of the event organizers.  Everything we said in our initial post still stands–we feel even more strongly now that this will be an extraordinary, even epochal, day.

We’ve had the chance to read some of the initial comments on our “Road to Waukee: July 31″ post, and appreciate so much everyone’s thoughts, heart, and insights.  We did want to respond to the several of the comments which addressed the timing of the Governor’s announcement regarding 2012.

We, like most people in our broad network of folks who support Gov. Palin, believe it is a certainty she will run.  But just as certainly, we have no idea when she will announce, other than what she told Hannity the other day–that she would likely announce her decision with respect to 2012 in August or September.

But we have no expectation that the Governor is going to announce on September 3.  We counsel you against coming to Waukee on September 3, and rallying other people to do likewise, if that is your reason for coming.  You will only be disappointed if she does not announce, and may miss what is going to be a deeply meaningful event.

Labor Day weekend will arguably kick off the primary campaign for what may be the most important election in American history–an election where, if we offer a principled vision of America’s founding principles, the American people will choose between two radically different visions of who we are as a people.  This weekend, and this event, will prepare us on for what may be climactic battle for the survival of everything we hold most dear in this great land–a battle that will be fought in the realm of ideas, and in the forge of personal character and commitment to our ideals and principles.

The rally on September 3 will provide an opportunity for liberty-loving, patriotic Iowans to gather with one another, and with like-minded people from around the country, and prepare our hearts for the challenges straight ahead.

So come, do come, but come for the right reasons, and with an open heart and spirit for what will likely be an incredible moment of fellowship, and commitment, and resolve.
Let’s all of listen to and heed Mary Jane’s prescient, simple, and powerful words from the comments on our earlier post:
“I am guessing as [you both] “walk the grounds” you are praying with each step you take for godly principles and leadership to come back to America… that is my prayer, and [the prayer of] many here too . . . “
Amen.  We look forward to seeing many of you in Waukee on September 3 . . .

Peter and Michelle


  1. Well said my friends! I too believe with all my heart, this is going to be a tremendously memorable day. The country is hurting emotionally and their afraid. Their hurting financially and our nation is in a flux with our leadership.
    The first American Revolution began with only a handful of men. Then came 136 American Hero's in 1836 that saved us again at little adobe church named the Alamo.
    Now we are facing much the same, only this time it is not only from outside America, we are facing obstacles inside our border.
    It is my personal belief that it is time for a renewal in patriotism and leadership.
    Whether the Governor runs for President or not, she has certainly become a spokesperson for nobility, honor, integrity and has the ability to unite the people behind a worthy and just cause.
    I am truly thankful she has selected Waukee and September 3 to address our cause and help to unite our people behind this mission of taking back our nation for her people. It is time, it is time to restore decency, honor and a return to our Constitutional value system and laws that made this country so great.
    Thank you Peter, Thank you Michelle, my hats to both of you. God Bless you both and May God Bless America.
    Ken Crow