Sunday, September 4, 2011

Governor Sarah Palin is running!

~ In a half marathion in Storm Lake Iowa Sunday morning. ~

My wife is a big time walker.

She was registered to to walk in the 'Jump Right in and Run' half marathon and 5k walk here in beautiful Storm Lake, Iowa, so we had to hurry home from the big Tea Party of America rally that Governor Palin spoke at held in Indianola Iowa on Saturday.

I was still in bed at a little after 7am this morning when my wife called me in near hysterics that she had just met Todd and Sarah Palin as she was getting ready to start the event! Unbelievably... they were here in town!

What a treat after witnessing her amazing speech the day before; here she was in my hometown for a run.

Needless to say I jumped out of bed and got down by the lake in time to wait along with Todd for Sarah to finish the half marathon (she had a very good time) ...Todd said, 'yeah, she's fast."

Her reported time: 1:46:10...that's for 13.1 miles.

I am blown away! No one even knew who they were. Wearing visors and sunglasses, with no entourage or people around them, they just kind of blended right in.

They said they got in to town the night before and were flying out for New Hampshire today for her big speech Monday at another Tea Party event..

After speaking with them for a while I let them go sort of mingle with others, I didn't want be a pest after all, but before they left they came back over to me and my wife, thanked us again and said they were so happy to
meet us, then stood for a quick picture.

Only as they were leaving did a few people start to notice who they were. Most had no clue.

This was not a campaign event, this was some personal time for Governor Palin to get in a good run in a beautiful setting and they didn't want anyone to even know they had slipped in. Very low profile. Amazing they can pull this off.

But to the people who did recognize her, she was as gracious and friendly as one could be. You can just tell she loves people, is very sincerely interested in learning about you and what's going on in the area.

The perfect way to top off an amazing weekend.

teledude and his wife, with Governor Palin in Storm Lake!


Okay, remember, I just got out of bed and ran down for this...
Thanks to Joni Wulfekuhler for taking our picture!

 From Twitter:

SarahPalinUSA Sarah Palin 
Thank you, Storm Lake, Iowa. You put on a great event & we loved meeting some great folks in your beautiful town today!

Update II: 

 photo just came across the wire from The Des Moines Register

Finish Line - 2nd place for her age group


  1. That Was Really FANTASTIC....A Beautiful SURPRISE....Sarah Palin For USa president 2013-2021

  2. Teledude: Great scoop of Governor Palin running. Run Sarah Run 2021.

  3. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Sarah, she is the real deal. The next President of the USA 2013. Made my day!

  5. This is great for self esteem and also for health.
    All participants are to be congratulated.

  6. Oh I'm sure you don't DARE post my comment about this being a photoshop job. It's SOOOO obvious! Sarah cheats, Fox News cheats so why wouldn't her fans cheat too?

  7. What a GREAT STORY!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!! I am Sooo Jealous!!! (The good kind, happy for you!!!)


  8. Interesting the picture posted by GVS and yours Palin is wearing different clothing in the same run. GVS just jumped the shark

  9. Anon. I'll happily post your example of Palin derangement.

    Like a crucifix to a vampire, Governor Palin's goodness and character causes banal and vituperous evil snarks to shriek in horror.

    Thanks for exhibiting the true liberal nature.

  10. Anon. It was a cool morning by the lake. She started out wearing a red top but shed that as she warmed up running and as the sun got stronger.

    Grow up man, you're embarrassing yourself and all Obamatrons.

  11. Here is a great comment I received over on the C4P website from 'ConservativeEd'.

    This is very well stated!

    via ConservativeEd:

    They came back over to you and your wife? The first part of your story was impressive enough, but for them to come back over, saying what they said, that's extremely impressive.

    Actually, as I think about it, it's what normal, friendly, polite people do. Unpretentious comes to mind. Regular folk. EQUALS. I guess that's why it's so extremely impressive. We have been served up DC elites on golden platters for election after election, who (as my Bug's Life post referred to yesterday) think we're here to serve them, praise them, dote over them, and thank them. Next to their crony capitalism, this is just as disgusting to me.

    I've never thought about it before, but this is another reason why Sarah Palin draws from all walks of life and all political backgrounds. Because she considers herself to be just like the rest of us, she lifts people up (whereas, in contrast, someone who's pretentious pushes people down). Her message that you don't need a title is empowering. It's reminds Americans that we ARE equals. That each one of us IS important.

    In a country where DC elites consider regular folk to be hobbits, this unpretentious nature of Sarah Palin is more powerful than anyone realizes, I think. What human being likes being considered something less than an equal? What human being wouldn't be drawn to someone who genuinely respects them?

    Thanks, teledude, for sharing your story. IMO, this says more about Sarah Palin than any talking heads could say in an entire week. And it means more too.

  12. Wow how amazing that the group of elderly WALKERS behind her were able to keep up with her 8 min/mile pace. Why do you underestimate our intelligence?

  13. I wonder at which part of the race did she just jump into? Beginning-middle-end?

  14. teledude,

    Do you know the name of the photographer who took the picture of Sarah running? Is it the Joni W mentioned above? Do you have contact info for Joni or info on how rights to use might be purchased? Thanks


  15. JJ, are you a runner? Have you ever run a marathon or a half marathon?

    Governor Palin started out in the back of the pack with the walkers to remain incognito.

    As the race started she ran around them and to the front of the pack. This way she was able to stay undetected, as she did not want to cause any type of scene. She just wanted to run.

    This photo was taken at the beginning of the race as she was running around the walkers.

    Just how sad and pointless is your life that you have to look so hard for nefarious meanings in something so simple and innocent. You truly are deranged.

    Seek help.

  16. She started at the beginning and finished second in her age group with a very respectable time.

  17. Buzz,

    I now believe the photo was taken by Todd Palin and sent to GretaWire on his cell phone. My wife says he was taking pictures, so that makes sense.

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  19. Great story Teledude - thank you - just continues to prove how fortunate we are to have Sarah and Todd. ConservativeEd's comments were RIGHT ON!!

    Oh, you were mighty wise to put the 2 good looking women up front - improves the photo.....grin

  20. Tele,

    Very nice story and I'm sure it made your day. Congrats. While she may indeed be gracious, unpretentious and physically fit, I don't see anything here that leads me to believe she is qualified to be president of the United States. Still, thanks for sharing. Btw, I love the headline.

  21. I call bullshit. No way can she do 13 8min miles in a row. Sorry. She is already on record as saying that she is a slow runner.

  22. re: Whoa Baby

    It is fun to watch the clueless exhibit their ignorance in full view for all the world to see.

    It seems they are compelled to do so.

    What you are apparently doing is projecting your own shortcomings.

    My suggestion, stop talking about stuff you are ignorant about. Previously I had no idea how fast she could run or even what a 'good time' was. Turns out she came in second place in her age group with a very respectable time.

    Here are the official results from today's race. Check the women's 40-49 yr old bracket.

  23. Where are all the other runners in the finish line photo? Did she leave them 1/2 a mile back? Where's the red sweater and ear warmers?

  24. Which is it?She started the race or she ran the second half of her team?Either she crossed the finish line in second or she started the race,not both.

  25. I'm Cuttingboardblues from C4P what a great scoop for you. This is another argument I use when a few remaining idiots tell me they thing Sarah is stupid. I counter with you can't be stupid and be a long distance runner. The mental stamina you need is as great as the physical. Great work here.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing! I wish I would've talked to Todd about their campaign stop in Erie, PA where I brought a present for Piper. It was back in October, near Halloween.

    That's IMHO the best way to approach people that are either famous or you admire: Just let them be. Greet, have a short chat and be done with it.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  27. Teledude, very cool! You must have had a great weekend!!!


  28. The way no one even notices she is there in that bright orange, passing them on the grass, it's ALMOST like she is invisible!

  29. Nice picture of you and your wife with Palin, but there seems to be a shadow problem. If you look at the shadow of the person standing on the far left, it would appear the sun is pretty much directly behind and above the photographer. The shadow under your wife's nose would seem to confirm that, the shadow is symmetric. Now the shadow of Palin's face would seem to put the sun above but to the right of the photographer. Notice the shadow of her nose is not symmetric and there is a large shadow down her neck and on her right shoulder. Compare that with lack of any similar shadows on your wife. Or...maybe your wife is a vampire and does not cast a shadow?

  30. Anon. what kind of sad pathetic life do you lead?

    Maybe you're deranged pathology prevents you from having any sense, but you sure are embarrassing yourself.

  31. Dr Curtis Menard Jr.September 5, 2011 at 11:24 AM

    Did you think to ask Sarah why she has credited Todd with being the father of my son Track ?

  32. I'm posting some of the troll comments so people can see how they are compelled to reveal their dark hateful souls.

    I don't think they can help themselves, it really is a psychological pathology.

  33. People will say what they will. Let them! The American People are quite capable of making up their own minds about Sarah. The more people she meets the better, she comes across as being very genuine and caring. I met her this past December, and she was just as she appears to be. The more the LSM goes after her, the more the average American will see them for what they are. I agree with Sarah's assessment of polls. The polls will vary greatly depending on the makeup of the polling sample, and the biases of the pollster. You can get a poll to say anything that you want it to say. Game On!

  34. Hey- I'm the Joni W who took that picture with teledude and his wife with my cheap cell phone. (He's a friend of mine) I have the original on my phone if anyone wants to see it. I was working the finish line and didn't know it was her until later. Believe me I don't even know how to photoshop, and just pic messaged it to teledude. Can't believe you would work so hard analyzing shadows (obviously incorrectly). My husband shook her hand. The race only had about 70 in the half marathon and 10 in the marathon relay. Being a small race without marshalls I guess no one can guarantee she ran the whole course, but we know she started and finished and that it was her.

  35. Thanks Joni! Your picture has been in so many venues around the mom called from Mason City and it was on the Rochester Minnesota NBC news today!(channel 10)

    You should have had us take a picture of you with her too. Thanks again for your help...can't believe I finally meet governor Palin and don't have a camera or cell phone with me for a picture.

    You were a life saver.

  36. Curious to know how she shucked that red shirt without losing the grey one? Curious to know why her time for a slow runner is on pace to be a winning marathon pace? Curious to know why she would lie about where she is from? Curious to know why there is NO ONE at the finish line? Curious to know why she hasn't sweated a drop under her arms? Curious to know why she is floating above the grass? Curious to know why she's passing on the grass and not on the road like everyone else? Curious to know why there ARE NO OTHER PHOTOS of 'Sarah Heath' running this race? Curious to know why I voted for this woman? Curious as to why you people would believe this story? It's just sad.

  37. What is sad is your deranged inability to believe ANYTHING about this woman.

    Everything she says or does is misrepresented, lied about, twisted out of context, or made to be demeaning and ridiculed in some manner.

    Your derangement is blinding you to a simple truth...why would anyone go to all the trouble you imagine for an event like this? This was some down time for her and NOT a political event - NO ONE even knew she was here until my wife happened to recognize her.

    What is curious is how long you will suffer from this pathology before you seek help.

    You need it.

  38. How did her shoes change from blue to red? Why is the guy at the finish line still holding his hands behind him as she strolls(and after an eight minute mile 1:45 run) by? Who is he looking at? Where are the other racers?

  39. This is getting ridiculous. She has on the same pair of shoes, which are red and blue..check your eyes dude.

    Who knows why the guy was in that position for a fraction of a second? It looks like he is looking off toward the next runner approaching the finish that you can see in the background in red.

    The other racers are all spread out along the trail. They didn't all finish at the same time...have you ever run a marathon or even a half marathon?

    Good grief you're a moron. Let me guess...Obama voter?

  40. Some of these people really are sad...who in this world has so much time for so much hate?


  41. I see you like to mislead your readers about Sarah's ability.
    Why didn't you tell people to look at the relay team scores.
    Lo and behold,you see Sarah and Julie Marks team score. 40-49 women Julie 1:45:05.83 Sarah 1:46:10.50
    You know what that means of course. She either ran the first leg of the race or the second leg, but not 13 miles.

  42. Teledude, thanks for sharing! What a great experience.

    These trolls...I can't believe how dumb some people can be.

    Matt Y.

  43. Anon. No one is misleading anyone. This race could be run as a relay(with two runners) or individually running a half marathon.

    Governor Palin signed up as an individual and ran the half marathon of 13 miles. If you knew anything about her you would know she has run full marathons before, has been been featured in Runner's World magazine and regularly runs several miles everyday.

    It is part of who she is, she's a runner. Kinda like Barack Obama is a smoker or golfer, Governor Palin is a long distance runner, and a pretty damn good one for a 47 year old mother of five.

    Why is this so unbelievable to the drones in the liberal hive? What is it about your makeup or psyche that compels you to showcase your ignorance and shallowness when it comes to anything Palin?

  44. Teledude, the "next the background in red" is WALKING AWAY from the finish line.

    If he were facing toward the camera/finish line, you'd see his white race bib.

    Also, the leg on the left in shadow is clearly bent AWAY from the camera, i.e. the knee is flexing in a stride going the other direction.

    I tend to believe Sarah Palin's finish line picture is a posed picture some time after the race finished -- about 11 AM. The guy in the background is probably the last finisher, Jeff Weijer M56 Unattached @ 3:29:03.01.

  45. BTW, teledude, how tall is your wife? Just curious, after seeing that picture of the 3 of you together above.

    Sarah Palin is said to be 5'3", and the trail-running shoes she's wearing have at most a 1" heel.

  46. Why KaJo?

    To what end would faking this event serve?

    You morons can believe whatever you want, I was there, my wife was there.

    The picture of the finish line came from The Des Moines register, a liberal rag, btw.

    The people running this event have confirmed all of it, to persist in this deranged insistence that someone is making this up is really a sign of just how pathetically low the level of thinking on the left has sunk.

    Youguys are like moths to a bug light, you are compelled to continually throw yourselves into the light to be zapped by the simple truth.

    Can you explain why you are compelled to act this way? What is it about Governor Palin that brings this out in you?

    A little self reflection may be in order.

    Thanks for demonstrating the typical ignorant liberal mindset...

    More people need to see this reality and understand how someone as unqualified as Barack Obama got elected. It took a lot of morons just like you.

  47. Palin is 5'5".

    My wife is 5'2" and is leaning in a little for the picture.

    I can't believe your derangement has you researching her running shoes. That's too funny!

    It's morons on parade on Iowans4Palin today! What a hoot.

    Perhaps you will buy a pair to put in your bedroom so you can fuel your deranged psychotic imagination long after this event is forgotten.

  48. Yeah, that first photo is totally photoshopped.

    Why is she the only one floating on the grass while everyone else is running on the road?

  49. Well, you've almost got me convinced, man! /sarc>

    Maybe she has super powers and can actually hover a couple inches above ground. Maybe she floats like a ghost? No wonder her time was so good!- all just as likely as your photoshop theory.

    Maybe the picture was snapped in mid stride with her feet not solidly planted on the ground as she passed the walkers in the back to join the runners up front as the race started. Do you ever run?

    Check out the dude in the gray T-shirt and bandanna just ahead of her, why, he's floating too! Or is he just running too.

    The photoshop conspiracy thickens...sure it makes perfect sense to phototshop Governor Palin into this picture(because...why?) - but why did I put THAT guy in there? Could he have been on the grassy knoll as well?


    Is there anything about Governor Palin that doesn't drive you crazy?

    You know she is inevitable.

    You've known it since she first appeared on stage in 2008.

    You hate yourself for knowing it, and it drives you insane.

    She lives in your head rent free, and there is nothing you can do about it.