Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Palin's unique message is catching on!

Quite an exciting day for us Palinista's! A new Marist/McClatchy poll shows Governor Palin only 5 points behind President Obama, and beating him among Independents! She polls better than Rick Perry. This is a huge turn around and is probably due to a combination of her amazing 'Crony Capitalism' speech on Sept 3rd. coupled with Obama's continued weakness and people's disappointment in the failed policies he keeps trying to advance.

Just check out his headline from the Drudge Report:
Also, Governor Palin went on the Sean Hannity show and gave a powerful interview that everyone should see. Her message is starting to resonate!  Here is her interview in three parts:

We really are living in interesting times! GAME ON! ~ teledude

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