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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin Asking Her to Save America from the Cocktail Party and the Leftists it Enables

Kevin DuJan, the founder and editor of HillBuzz, a former Hillary Clinton support site, has penned a heart felt open letter to Governor Palin. Kevin is a former democrat who is also a proud gay man living in Chicago and has become one of Governor Palin's strongest advocates in that city. His writing is often some of the best you will find on Governor Palin and people should check his HillBuzz site frequently, it's great! ~ teledude

Kevin DuJan

Dear Governor Palin, 

No one has a right to ask you to put yourself and your family through the rigors of another national political campaign. Because of your determined willingness to speak truth to power and confront the uncomfortable realities of the grave dangers facing our country, you have been targeted for abuse from every conceivable side.

Clearly, your millions of supporters well know the litany of horrors the Left has subjected you to — while the Cocktail Party GOP establishment types sat idly by, observing with fetishistic interest but never joining the fray as your allies because the permanent political class knows you are as much of an existential threat to them as you are to Barack Obama’s re-election bid and the Left’s continued dominance of this country.

You have been demonized these past three years as the latest in a long line of conservative boogeywomen because the Left’s survival depends largely on preventing all Americans from voting in their own economic best interests. The Democrat Party is a Jenga tower balanced precariously atop an assemblage of identity-based voting blocs that topples if the Left doesn’t focus emotional and irrational hatred upon a fixed target of the Left’s choosing. You are that current target, because you dare to be a successful, outspoken, politically active, accomplished, wife and mother who pursued her dreams in life and attained professional and personal satisfaction on a path you forged on your own, heeding none of the Left’s directives for women. You did it all your way, on your terms, with no thank-you cards warranted to Gloria Steinem.

The Left hates you because you inspire millions of Americans to follow your example, which threatens the Democrats’ precious and precarious Jenga tower. The Cocktail Party establishment types despise you because you seek to end the status quo and advocate proactive solutions to longstanding problems. The agenda-driven media hates you not just because you threaten the Left, but because lazy journalists enjoy covering the same wedge issues and consistent crises and can’t imagine living in a world where someone like you would get things done, move the country forward, and rattle the status quo.

You are surrounded by enemies Governor, but you’d be surprised by the ever-growing number of friends you really have in the ranks of regular Americans who have waited decades for someone of your caliber to emerge as our champion. Right when we need you the most.

I was a Democrat for the first 30-some odd years of my life, until Barack Obama’s campaign — and the voter fraud, intimidation, race-baiting, and other thuggery his supporters engaged in throughout 2008 — forced me to realize just how dependent Democrats are on hatred and bullying and how much the Cocktail Party GOP establishment allows all of this to happen (so these guys can stay in the good graces of the media, so desperate they forever are for the Left’s love and affection).

I worked for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, because I believed she would have made an excellent President in 2008. Since even former Vice President Dick Cheney has now said as much — acknowledging she’s one of the sole grown-ups at the table in the Obama administration — and you’ve shown great respect for the tenacity of Secretary Clinton’s epic primary contest with candidate Obama three years ago, I think you need to know that a gay guy like me here in Chicago who broke completely from the Democrat Party because of its horrific Alinsky Methods-treatment of Secretary Clinton has long recognized the exact same playbook used against you.

Since your debut on the national political scene, I have watched the agenda-driven media and all of the various Democrat Party-controlled goon squads malign, berate, degrade, and menace you.  Just as they were ordered to do to Secretary Clinton, back in 2008, when she was a threat to the Left’s plan (conceived in 2004, if not even sooner) to install Barack Obama as our president (to then subject us to everything the Obama acolytes have done to our country ever since, in this “The Golden Age of Hopeychange”).

Governor Palin, it’s deja vu for me all over again because — almost word for word — the exact same attacks being aimed at you to prevent your presidential campaign in 2012 were deployed against Secretary Clinton in 2008, because she, too, stood in the way of what the Left wanted to do to this country with Barack Obama as its tool (or, fool, to be more precise) in the White House.

The exact same people in our national media, in fact, are saying “it’s time for Sarah Palin to shut up and go away” who kept insisting “it’s time for Hillary Clinton to shut up and go away” back in 2008. Though the two of you obviously have many differences, the common element between you is the enormous threat you pose to Barack Obama and the Left’s plans for his presidency (Secretary Clinton blocked his clear path to the nomination, while you’re his biggest obstacle to re-election).

I’m afraid the bad feelings many of your supporters have about Secretary Clinton prevent many from seeing just how recycled and manufactured all of the current attacks on you are.

It’s like a high school drama class finding a box of old scripts and putting on an amateur hour production of a terrible musical heard shrieking on Broadway three years ago. If people listened to what the media, and the Left it directs (not to mention the Cocktail Party GOP establishment that enables all of the above), did to conjure attacks on truth tellers from the Alinksy spell book in 2008, they’d have a better picture of just how fabricated the attacks on you really are here in 2011.

You and your staff have clearly learned a lot from Secretary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign.  So far, you have avoided all of the major mistakes our team made in battling the triple threat of the Left, the permanent political class, and the agenda-driven media. The decision is 100% yours and your family’s whether you indeed plan to run for president, but I am one of millions who hope you do enter the race this month. I truly believe you’re being called to duty at the moment America needs a champion most.
You are our American Artemis, when we need an epic hero more than ever.

Governor Palin, every weaponized Alinsky tactic imaginable is being hurled at you, from all sides, because there has never in my memory been anyone who is as much of a threat to the Left and the permanent political class, with as much of a natural ability to get people off their couches and use their individual talents to get our country on the right track again.

I have never heard anyone — including Secretary Clinton — say out loud that one of the greatest problems we face in America is the permanent political class. I call it the Cocktail Party because in my experience the career consultants and aristocratic officials in the highest echelons of the GOP ranks, in particular, will allow the Left to do just about anything to protect their own self interests and guarantee the invitations to high profile, lavish cocktail parties continue uninterrupted in perpetuity.

When you talk about the permanent political class at Tea Party rallies or write about it in your statements on Facebook, you draw attention to the fact that for America to really prosper again it’s time to rollback the influence the shadowy, unelected, men behind the curtains have on this country in BOTH the Democrat and the Republican parties.

You are the first person on the national political scene to ever call the Cocktail Party out like this (even though you call it the permanent political class), because you are the first person to have absolutely no fear of the reprisals you receive for this selfless truth telling defiance.

I want you to know that I appreciate this bravery more than I could ever say, because while I’ve been a conservative my whole life I never felt I could ever call myself a Republican — since “Republican” to me has always meant being one of these Cocktail Party enablers who cave into the Left at every turn, to further their own careers and guarantee them flattering magazine covers celebrating “bipartisanship”. The Democrat Party left me, and all the Jacksonian conservative Democrats like me, in the summer of 2008 when it veered radically to the Left, expelling conservative and moderate Democrats as no longer needed.  I would never have ultimately labeled myself a Republican — like I am proudly now — if you didn’t put an (R) after your name as well, giving me hope there’s more to the party than what the Cocktail Party’s been representing.
I admire you immensely because you do what you know to be right, despite the consequences you suffer professionally and personally as a result. You are a true leader amongst an assemblage of cowards, ditherers, and toadies. You are simultaneously a great hope for our future while reminding me of the best in this country’s past.

I remember one of the nuns who taught me in school telling our class about George Washington, retired from the military, being called upon to run for the presidency because his leadership was needed.  Sr. Francis Borgia stood in front of the blackboard and made us think about the enormity of what people clamored for Washington to do; he had to give up his privacy, his peace of mind, his much-deserved freedom, and subject his family and close friends to all the strain inherent in running for the highest office in the land (with the added burdens heaped upon them all when he’d take that office and serve his country yet again). I recall being nine or ten years old, not being able to imagine an America without George Washington as president, or America as we know it even existing itself if Washington didn’t answer his call to duty and put everything on the line to provide the leadership people needed in a time of profound crisis.

At 34, today I wish I knew what the future holds for you, Governor Palin. I hosted a marathon viewing of your “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” series on Labor Day, with friends and family who spent nine hours with me wishing you and your family lived in the White House now. Even those who weren’t supporters of yours before watching the series admitted things would be better with you at the national helm. A woman who can pilot the family’s fishing boat, provide food for a large brood with her own bare hands, and still navigate the treacherous rapids of public life is a rare hero in our modern world. Your talents are both unique and resounding. You stand head and shoulders above those who malign and seek to marginalize you. For this, the Left endeavors to destroy you while the Cocktail Party establishment in your own party plots aggressively to prevent you from removing their power and influence.

It’s no wonder George Washington was reticent towards subjecting himself to the demands of the presidency himself, after seeing so much war firsthand. Why would he want to put himself through all that again in the highest elected office? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself similar questions more times than you’ve counted.
In recent days, I’ve observed a flood of assaults on you in the agenda-driven media, originating in both the Leftist and Cocktail Party establishment ranks, demanding you renounce any presidential ambitions, shut up, dismiss your supporters, and exile yourself to Alaskan obscurity.

I rarely mail letters to anyone anymore, but I’m printing this one out and sending it to the address I have for you because I want to put on paper my request for you to run for president, in your own way, with a campaign of your own invention.  I hope I am one of millions who write to you this week asking you to run for president and save America from both the Left and the permanent political class that enables it.

I think back to my days in history class, when Sister Francis Borgia asked all her students if we would have joined the chorus of voices urging retired General George Washington to serve as a leader again, despite all it would cost him. Since the call for him to return to duty was so obviously needed, I know I would have written to him asking him to serve his country once again.

That’s why I’m writing to you today, Governor Palin, because America so desperately needs you.
I will always respect whatever decision you ultimately make — and the decision should be yours and your family’s alone — but I’d regret it forever if I didn’t take this opportunity to humbly ask the greatest leader on our national political scene to mount an unconventional, electric, and Tea Party-supporting campaign that seeks to decimate the Left and the Cocktail Party GOP establishment while humiliating the agenda-driven media for its ignorance, bias, and consistent stupidity.

You are the President we need at the moment we need a leader like you the most — and I am just one of many millions who know the grace of God and love of country will guide you in making the right decision for us all.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and continued service of your country.

Kevin DuJan
Chicago, Illinois

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