Thursday, February 10, 2011

Governor Palin is in position to win it all!

As Palin supporters we have to remain confident, and I understand that can be difficult sometimes, with the unending smears and lies about Governor Palin that come on an almost daily basis from the left, the media, and even some establishment Republicans.

But she is actually in position to walk away with the nomination in a cakewalk and win the White House in a landslide. Here are a couple points to keep in the back of your mind:

While everyone is waiting to announce their candidacy to see what Governor Palin will do, one thing is becoming clear, Governor Huckabee is probably NOT running, and the evidence of this just keeps growing. For example, just yesterday he terminated his 'Huckabee for President' PAC...

In almost every poll he is in the top three with Romney and Palin, and is usually the leader in polls of Iowans, BUT, the vast majority of his supporters list Palin as their second choice (as he is strong with evangelical Christians, this makes perfect sense)

If he doesn't run, you can probably add a majority of his support to Governor Palin's column. Not all of course, but I would venture over 50% of the Huckabee supporters would be very open to Governor Palin's positions, values, and character. This would put her ahead by double digits in most polls so far.

This is not to say Governor Palin wouldn't win with him in the race, but if he doesn't run, her largest obstacle would be removed and her path to victory would be that much easier.

Of course it is really too early to put much credence in polls at this time, Ronald Reagan trailed Jimmy Carter by 30% points a year before the election...obviously perceptions can change. With all the deceitful and dishonest things being said about her, Governor Palin is probably at her low point right now, as most folks are really not paying a lot of attention yet. Her numbers will only increase once the campaign starts and people can see the real person. She has always connected with people on a very personal level.

Also, looking at a map of the electoral college, if you add the states where her endorsed candidates won in 2010 to the states that McCain/Palin won in 2008, she would win the general election in a landslide. She (and the Tea Party) had a real impact on the midterm elections, and that enthusiasm is not going to be tempered as long as Obama is in the White House.

Fear not, remain strong, we are watching history unfold!

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