Friday, February 18, 2011

Sarah Palin Hints at Her 2012 Plans

Governor Palin was in Long Island New York speaking to a group of over one thousand New York business leaders on Thursday. She took questions for over an hour on a wide range of topics and absolutely charmed and captivated everyone in the room.

The moderator was Long Island Association's President Kevin Law, a democrat, who came away very impressed both by the Governor's sharp grasp of several issues and her ability to win people over with her sparkling personality. He stated that most left the session with a far higher opinion of Governor Palin than they may have had coming in.

This is a key point. Governor Palin has been the subject of left wing media attacks and scorn for over two years, and the narrative that most people have of her is not reality based. She was asked about her relatively low polling numbers and admitted, if she is going to turn those around she's going to have to get out there (in Iowa!) and do some traditional retail politicking so people can get to know the real Sarah Palin.

I've spoken with many, many conservatives in Iowa who say they really like her, but are afraid the media has 'damaged' her to the point she may not be 'electable.' Of course, this was the goal of all the smears from the media. The governors performance in a sometimes hostile environment yesterday should go a long way to allay those concerns.

Governor Palin is one of the best retail politicians we've ever seen, and it won't be hard for her to turn around any false impressions once people get to see her in action.

You can read more about Governor Palin's event here (along with a very interesting poll on whether or not she could win):

Sarah Palin: I'm "still thinking about" running for president

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