Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The More Sarah Palin Seems Unelectable, the More Electable She May Actually Be.

From Brices Crossroads
via C4P

The DNC/Mainstream Media strategy…the unelectability card, as it were…succeeds in dispiriting only political junkies and only those who are ignorant of history and blind to the historical and demographic advantages Governor Palin possesses as well as to her tenacity. She is not going to give up, so they have essentially lost the war. As has been pointed out here and elsewhere, Obama’s severe polling deficits with the white vote nationally, represented by the 60-37 percent thumping his party took in the recent midterms, severely imperils his reelection. No one can face those numbers, which are even more foreboding in the heavily white midwestern battleground states, and hope to win. The last best hope of the DNC/MSM axis was to deter Palin from running, and it has failed. Their feeble efforts to do so reveal just how little the lunatic Left appreciates the mettle of this latest foe. As many savvy German generals realized privately that America’s entry into World War II, before the GIs even fired a shot, spelled doom for them, so many in the Democrat left privately realize that the failure to deter Palin’s entry into the 2012 race similarly dooms their man.

Second, her willingness and ability to unite the old Reagan coalition, to unapologetically make social conservatives full partners in her coalition will allow the GOP in the 2012 election, to breathe from both its lungs, social and economic, which it has not done since Reagan. With Palin, the GOP will not be fighting with one hand behind its back as it has done under the Bushes, the Doles and McCain
Finally, the full bore assault on Governor Palin is beginning to provoke a backlash, which may well culminate when she stands on the debate stage with President Obama and the one white demographic that Obama has not lost by double digits–white college educated women–watch her and, swelling with pride, murmur collectively “She’s one of us”. Such a dam break is not only possible but quite likely and, if it comes, the landslide of 2012 may eclipse that of 1980. The Reagan Democrats who were unknown and undefined before the Gipper’s great landslide, will give way to the Palin Democrats, professional white women who, seeing one of their own on the threshold of the greatest office the world has ever known, will break for her and break hard driving Obama from office and lifting Sarah Palin to the Presidency of the United States.

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