Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Palin Eclipses Obama in Google Hits

I came across this great analysis from Brices Crossroads on Free Republic.

Just how much name recognition does Governor Palin have?

For the first time, as of today, private citizen and putative GOP Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin has eclipsed the sitting President of the United States, Barack Obama, in Google hits. Entering the names "Sarah Palin" and "Barack Obama" generates the following results:

"Sarah Palin": 78,100,000


"Barack Obama": 65,700,000


This is a stunning development that is unprecedented. Google hits are indicative of public interest in a person and what they have to say. No one should command more public attention that a sitting President of the United States. Yet a private citizen, who holds no office and has not even DECLARED, much less SECURED, the nomination of her party for the Presidency even now commands a higher level of public interest and attention than the current occupant of the Oval Office!

To get a little perspective in how earth shattering this circumstance truly is, notice that Palin's alleged competitors for the GOP nomination run up the following number of hits on Google:

"Mike Huckabee": 1,250,000;

"Mitt Romney": 2,630,000;

"Newt Gingrich": 2,290,000

Even George Bush, a recent two term President generates only 26,400,000 Google hits, a fraction of Palin's total. His brother Jeb, often mentioned by the stop-Palin fanatics, generates a meager 835,000.

The ridiculous notion being pushed hard by Democrat push polls such as PPP and CNN and even Establishment polls such as Rasmussen that Palin is actually trailing one or more of these dwarfs is belied by these and other objective indicators. In political terms, Sarah Palin is an order apart, immensely above all her GOP competition and now eclipsing the President of the United States himself. Barack Obama is getting a taste of the dust in which she will leave him when the landslide breaks in November 2012.

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