Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obama honors Sarah Palin's short & tweet advice on Iran

This is an amazing example of how Governor Palin has the ability to affect public policy with a mere Tweet or Facebook posting.

Sarah Tweets and Obama jumps!

From The Examiner:

Today, President Obama honored Sarah Palin's short and tweet advice following the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt. That's another testament to the confidence that Palin fans have in her keen common sense mastery of presidential policy directives.

In a mere 140 character Tweet, Sarah Palin challenged both the sitting American president, Barack Hussein Obama and the national media.

Certainly, Palin has demonstrated the executive power of the value of just a very few words, well placed - from her tweet to the president's ear. A transcript of events follows.

From Sarah, short and tweet to Obama:

  • Sarah Palin
    Media: ask "Will Obama Admin exert as much 'constructive' pressure on Iranian govt to change & allow freedom ~ as they just did for Egypt?"
    Top Tweet
  • Fox's "News Alert": Sarah Palin tweets President Obama advice on how to deal with overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt
  • The White House said Saturday that, off the heels of 18 days of Egyptian protests that ousted President Hosni Mubarak, Iran should allow its people to demonstrate.

    Tehran had praised Egyptians for rising up against Mubarak’s secular government, calling it an Islamic awakening. Yet some trace the roots of the grass-roots, social-media-driven revolt in Egypt to the Green Revolution protests against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s last election and demanding democracy.

    Opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroub, both candidates in that election, wanted to stage a rally Monday in support of uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. But the regime quickly put a damper on the permit request, calling the rallies “riots by seditionists.”

    “By announcing that they will not allow opposition protests, the Iranian government has declared illegal for Iranians what it claimed was noble for Egyptians,” National Security Adviser Tom Donilon said in a statement released by the White House on Saturday.

    “We call on the government of Iran to allow the Iranian people the universal right to peacefully assemble, demonstrate and communicate that’s being exercised in Cairo,” he said. ( Bold emphasis/author - Today, as reported by the the Hill)

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