Thursday, April 14, 2011

Governor Palin to Address Tea Party Rally in Madison Wisconsin Saturday

It has just been announced that Governor Sarah Palin will speak at the Tea Party Rally scheduled to be held at 12:00 Noon this Saturday in Madison Wisconsin. Here is the press release:

Palin scheduled to appear at Madison rally on Saturday

April 14, 2011 12:27 p.m. | Sarah Palin will be a headliner at a Tea Party rally Saturday in Madison, according to one of the groups involved in the rally.
The former Republican vice presidential candidate is scheduled to be one of several attendees at the rally at the State Capitol, according to Americans for Prosperity’s Wisconsin Chapter.
Nancy Mistele, a Madison politician and participant in the rally, also said Thrusday that Palin would appear at the rally while on Vicki McKenna's radio show that broadcasts in Milwaukee on WISN-AM (1130). WTMJ-AM (620) radio host James T. Harris is scheduled to emcee the rally

This is a significant event for Governor Palin for a couple reasons. She was the only potential presidential hopeful to endorse Supreme Court Judge David Prosser in their very contentious election,in which Prosser
was named the winner in last weeks recount. This had become a proxy vote for Governor Walker and the unions had mobilized a huge campaign to take the Supreme Court seat to overturn his budget repair bill which they have been protesting for over a month. 

Madison has become virtually ground zero in the battle between the left and right. Wisconsin is also significant as it is the home of representative Paul Ryan who is the chairman of the House Budget Committee and has put forward the first fiscally responsible plan to balance the nation's out of control budget.

Governor Palin was the first to endorse Ryan's 'roadmap.' and he has been in a pitched battle this week with the Obama administration over the budget. I am sure Governor Palin will have some pointed remarks about Obama's failed leadership in regards to his profligate deficit spending.

Of course Sarah and the Tea Party share the common sense conservative values that have made our country great and she has worked tirelessly to help move our country back to those founding principles. This speech could be one of major national importance. This is just another example of Governor Palin exhibiting the type of leadership that we so desperately need in Washington D.C. ~ teledude

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