Monday, April 4, 2011

Iowan's Getting Organized!

The Iowa Caucuses are just ten months away and we are starting to see some activity in the state from some of the Presidential candidates. It is still early, but a growing field of candidates are showing up at events and making speeches.

Governor Palin has said she is going to wait and see the lay of the land and take into account who decides to offer themselves up for public service before she makes her final determination. As a supporter of Governor Palin who has signed up with Organize4Palin and is working here in Iowa I have no other 'inside" information or really a clue if she is running or not.

All I have is my gut instinct, and a recognition that this may be the most important election in our nation's history, and I just can't imagine Governor Palin sitting this out. The stakes for the country are too high, and if she is driven by anything it is her love of this country.

So we are working to organize supporters here in Iowa. We have been busy and we are really starting to have some success! We are putting plans in place so that when governor Palin announces we will have a network of supporters ready to get to work to help her win the nomination, as we know that starts in Iowa.

I know many Palin supporters are anxious for the campaign to start. We must understand that Governor Palin is a master political tactician who always seems to be at least a step ahead of her competition. As her supporters we are meeting people and letting them know that we believe she is going to run and we will be ready if and when she does announce. This is grassroots support that is unrivaled, and is another indication of  the unique support Governor Palin enjoys. She has said many times,  if she does run, it will be an unconventional campaign

I believe that when she announces it is going to hit the political world like an earthquake. Hang on!

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