Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Left’s Childish Response To Sarah Palin

Once again; like a crucifix to a vampire, Governor Palin causes banal and vituperous evil snarks to shriek in horror. ~teledude
by: Lee Dresselhaus
When I was in the ninth grade I had a truly frightening civics teacher.

Mrs. Riley was a blue haired old dragon – none of us knew just how old she was but we suspected that she had been scaring people since some time in the Dark Ages. She ruled her classes with an iron if wrinkled fist, her steely blue eyes cutting through you like lasers, focusing on you with chilling intensity. You dared not utter an unauthorized peep in her class. She was a tyrant – and she was brilliant.

So, being teen boys and by default, idiots, we ridiculed her mercilessly whenever we were out of earshot. We blasted her blue hair (I still haven’t quite figured how it got to be that particular color), her raspy, somewhat quivering voice, her slightly hunched shoulders, her age, and anything else we could think of.
Why would we mock an old lady?

Because she scared the life out of us, that’s why. And the very last thing a testosterone laden fifteen year old boy will admit is that he’s intimidated by a little old lady who has trouble getting in and out of her car. So – you mock and sneer to hide your true feelings.

So…what does this have to do with Sarah Palin?

This is exactly how the left, the media and, to some extent some on the right, are reacting to her. They deliberately ignore anything she has to say, substituting snark and insult for any kind of analytical process. They cherry pick one phrase, one sentence, one small bite of anything she has to say and use it as a cudgel. Blood libel, anyone?
I’d like to say that the blood libel episode, with the leftist media and the the sneering pundits all bemoaning a phrase she used that has been in common use for centuries, was the pinnacle of this stupidity – but it isn’t. If you based your opinion of her by their reaction though, you’d have thought she had put a crucifix in a jar of urine or something. Not that anyone would be crass enough to do that. Would they?

Anyway, having to choose any one episode of media smears on Sarah Palin would be like having to choose between poison ivy and poison oak. Either is as unpleasant as the other, and just as annoying.

Oh, speaking of annoying rashes and people who act like classless juveniles, that brings us to the ultimate imbecile, the little fella himself, Bill Maher. Not satisfied with referring to Palin as a “dumb tw-t” he came back and called her and Michelle Bachmann a “couple of bimbos”. But anyway, I have absolutely no doubt that Palin herself caused the next Tourette’s – like obscenity to ooze its way out of Maher’s mouth. Yep, the next episode was all Sarah Palin’s fault.
She called him a “little fella.”

She could not have hurt the little fella any more had she kicked him in the crotch. I can see him ranting in front of his mirror in his bikini briefs, flexing non-existent muscles, spittle flying, vowing revenge. Little fella, eh? But, alas, since the only way she’d ever allow him in the same room with her would be if he was there to mop the floor he had to retaliate the only way he knew how. He called her a c–t. I guess that showed her, huh? Nanner nanner boo-boo. Can you believe this guy is still single, by the way? What a catch.

The only difference between the little fella Maher and the rest of the sneering pundits is that they avoid the use of vulgarisms. They’re very bit as juvenile in their criticisms. They don’t criticize her stance on issues. They criticize her hair. They criticize her clothes. They criticize the manner of speaking. And, worse, they criticize her family for being related to her.

They mock and sneer, just like we did about Mrs. Riley. Why? Because she scares the bejeezus out of them just the way Mrs. Riley scared us. Their bitter and childish histrionics replace thought because if they actually think and listen to her they’ll know she’s right.

She’s right about energy.
She’s right about morality.
She’s right about the economy.
She’s right about….them.

So, they’ll keep it up. There will be no epiphany on their part, no awakening of the better person inside them. This is what they are, most of them anyway. Sad…but true.

I have something to say to them after she becomes the next President of the United States but first I have to say this directly to her – hurry up and declare, Sarah, because I’m getting’ kinda antsy here. And when you win, I’ll respond to the left on the same level they’ve been responding to you as they kick their heels and scream in frustration and rage:

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