Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I will go to hell and back for Sarah Palin


Author: Henry D'Andrea

I will go to hell and back for Sarah Palin, literally. Why? Because this woman loves America as much as I do. She wakes up everyday, works hard, and does her best to do what is right for America and her family. She is truly an eloquent, inspirational person that conveys the greatness of America and displays dutiful American exceptionalism. Though extraneous, the Liberal mainstream media despises Palin because she isn’t afraid to speak out and express her concerns with the direction this country is taking. She has the efficacy, the influence, and a spine that’s built of steel. Even in the face of the nastiest, most misogynistic, vile attacks from the Left, Sarah Palin fights on with: class, grace, style, and charm. In doing so, she does not relinquish her influence from the attacks because her principles have and will make a difference for this country. So one might ask is it actually worth going to hell and back for this woman? Well my friends, it most certainly is.

Let us get down to reality for just a moment. Sarah Palin is still deciding on whether or not to run for President, so for now it is all speculation. However, while in her decision process, she not only is mauled by the liberals; but the “GOP elites” as well. I am talking about the Karl Roves of elections past or the Krauthammer’s of today. The Republican establishment continues to write off Sarah Palin as a serious 2012 contender. They have expressed their main problem with Palin as her lacking proper qualification and “electability.” Now while I have the utmost respect for Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove, they are completely wrong about Palin. She, in fact, is more than qualified to be President of the United States. With a resume, that features the roles of small-business owner, city council member, mayor, chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, vice chairwoman of the National Governors Association Natural Resources Committee, and governor, how does that not fit your vision of “qualified”? Also note, she is constantly engrossed in all the current issues and policies we’re facing more than any other candidate that is poised to run. Time and time again, she has been right about many issues, including: drilling here in the US, having a strong national defense, lowering taxes, the economy/budget, health care, and much more. In all reality, Krauthammer and Rove do not attack Palin on the issues; they attack her personally–her class, style, and intellect. In addition, because she isn’t an elitist who has never done anything in her political career the way they think it should be done, the elitist know-it-alls dismiss her in every way. She did not comply with their rules and she did not follow their “normal ways” of doing things. Yet, she accomplished much more than they ever gave her credit for. After all, what is there to disparage about the one potential candidate who could best provide the solution to this country while in times of economic destruction and overall collapse. Moreover, as far as “electability,” that decision rests in the hands of voters, not those in the media or in the establishment.

In addition, in reference to the 2010 mid-term elections, how can you say that Palin cannot win, when over 70% of the candidates she endorsed won their election. Doesn’t that make her the ultimate candidate and campaigner? Sure, you can argue that there is a difference between endorsing and actually running, but you cannot dispute that Palin draws a large crowd and following. Indeed, it is not because she is a public figure, though it is because people genuinely like and agree with her.

Again, is challenging the Republican “elites” or the Liberals worth doing for the sake of defending Sarah Palin? As I see it, it is worth fighting those in my own party and those against her. Like I said, I would go to hell and back for her. She is a person worthy of defense; she loves America and understands American exceptionalism. She understands that America is the greatest nation on this planet; and that no one should deny it or apologize for it.

In the end, the 2012 presidential election process will not only be Republican vs. Democrat, but Conservatives/the Tea Party vs. the establishment machine. It is my hope that the Tea Party patriots will not be stifled by the propping up of the establishment’s choice and that our voice will be heard. Otherwise, before we know it, we will wonder why we nominated another John McCain and why 2012 was lost as was 2008.

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