Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's like Clockwork when it comes to Gov. Palin.

 Free Republic
by unseen1

Clockwork is a set programmed job. It requires you to know the gears, the springs and how it all goes together. It is a demanding job, requiring skill and a certain affinity for the job to be able to do it well. It is also a good analogy to the MSM/RNC/DNC attempts to STOP PALIN.
If you notice, after every “homerun"/"good news cycle" of Gov Palin's, the clock workers in the MSM/RNC/DNC bend to their tasks of STOPPING PALIN. It doesn’t matter what type of homerun Palin accomplished. It could be a speech like last Saturday’s or a great interview like Tuesday’s Hannity’s appearance. It doesn’t matter, because the three groups set out on the same step by step game plan to turn the news cycle from Palin’s favor to their favor.

That game plan includes the following ingredients.

1) Hit pieces from "establishment" figures. These "hit pieces" contains at least 2 of the following: A) Unnamed sources giving "opinions” based on slanted/smeared "facts". B) A declarative statement that she cannot win, will throw the election to Obama and/or the moderates will never vote for her. C) A reference to at least one or two things they think has hurt her in the polls. These could include: 1) A mention of the Tucson shooting, 2) A mention of her making money, 3) Her TV show, DWTS, 4) etc.

2) The hit pieces are either followed by or reinforce skewed polls with a slanted internals like the recent ABC/WAPO poll that oversampled Dems by +10pts. 3) Some type of tabloid story to report on that can refocus the narrative from the substance of Palin's remarks to something that the National Enquire can run with. These include: a) Levi Johnson b) Bristol's son c) Trump d) Kathy Griffin e) The newest one, attacking a 3 year old child.

Like sunshine follows the rain you can bet your savings that this game plan will appear whenever Gov. Palin does very well at some event, some interview, elections and/or some speech. After the attack pieces, the phony polls, and the tabloid crap, the MSM/DNC/RNC thinking their job done will declare Palin's political career is over and try to ignore her. Until of course, Palin stands up and speaks and hits another homerun. Then the clock workers must once again bend to their task of righting the innerworkings of their Ivory Tower Clock.

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