Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poll: No Bachmann Momentum in Iowa

The new Hawkeye Poll, conducted by the University of Iowa ~ teledude

By David Weigel

And not much momentum for anyone else. The new Hawkeye Poll, conducted by the University of Iowa, found literally zero support for Michele Bachmann among self-identified Republicans who are planning to vote in the state's caucus.


I will break this down for Republicans (who are eligible to vote in our caucus)

Romney           24%
Huckabee*      23%
Palin                15%
Someone else  11%
Gingrich            9%
Pawlenty           8%
Don't Know      8%
Paul                  2%
Barbour*           1%
Daniels              0%
Bachmann         0%

I have put an asterisk by the candidates I think are NOT running. I know Mike Huckabee has said he would decide later, but the rumors seem to be true that he is not running. If he does he is in great position (as of now) and of course he won Iowa in 2008. If he doesn't run it will be interestig to see where his support ends up. Many speculate if he doesn't run it could bode well for Governor Palin, we will have to wait and see.

Haley Barbour announced this week he will NOT run so his 1% is up for grabs. Perhaps it was polling like this that helped him make his decision. Some have their doubts about how serious Michele Bachmann really is, and Governor Daniels has not said he is running at this time, but with Barbour dropping out, many speculate he could jump in now.

Much has been made of recent polling showing that Governor Palin's support has dropped.   I think this is a reflection of the narrative that she isn't running that has been advanced in the media and by other campaigns.   Of course my support for the Guv is not based on polls, as I think she is exactly what this country needs and I will fight for her to the very end. Anyway, these early polls have little bearing on how things will turn out months down the road. They are just a snapshot in time of how things stand as of now.

I just want to say to those who might doubt Governor Palin is running...I think she is the runningest running runner in all of running history! You can take that to the bank!

Game On!

~ teledude

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