Thursday, March 10, 2011

Governor Palin on Hannity

Gov. Palin on Hannity tonight; she discussed Wisconsin, Michael Moore, plans for 2012 and more!  
Discussing the situation in Wisconsin, she said Governor Walker absolutly has to balance the budget and put the blame for the unrest on Union bossses, not the rank and file members, explaining her feelings of affinity as she and Todd have been union members themselves. Feels Michael Moore is a hypocrite for going to Madison to ratchet up the rhetoric to the point of declaring war, when he never used union workers on any of his movies.
Discussing the Federal Budget and the deficits, she called out the GOP leadership, telling them to grow a spine and not be satisfied with those “little tiny cuts” when we face trillion-plus deficits.
On a potential Palin Presidential run, she gave her clearest hints yet that she will  run, as it sounded like she is not seeing someone with a 'steel spine' and the courage to take on special interests (a subliminal jab at Romney and Barbour?) 
She said it's unconventional for her to wait to announce a candidacy, as she has been the first to announce in all her other races, but this is too big of a job  and she wants to see all who jump in before making her final decision. As a Palin supporter growing tired of the incessant speculation that she won't run, this fired me up! Listen to it and you'll see, I'd say she is going to run!
There was much, much more in this almost 15 minute video. It's one of her best interviews, and it makes me realize how badly we need this great woman in the White House!
Again, I apologize for the formatting, but this is worth watching!

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