Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Governor Palin must be the GOP Nominee

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by Extremely Extreme Extremist

Governor Palin must be the GOP nominee because of energy.

Energy will arguably be the top issue facing America in 2012. The rise in fuel prices also brings about a rise in commodity and food prices, as those products are trucked, shipped, and flown to their destinations. I work in transportation logistics, and I can tell you first hand that fuel prices are so high, drivers for most of the carriers my account is contracted to are refusing to haul freight unless they get additional money for fuel. There are over 6,000 products made from petroleum. Here is a partial list of them. That means the prices of those goods will also skyrocket.

It is suicidal for the U.S., or any country for that matter, to lock up its reserves and continue to transfer billions of dollars to foreign regimes who loathe America to import their resources. None of the other potential GOP candidates or even elected Republicans right now have touched on this. Only Palin has talked about the $10 billion the U.S. loaned to Brazil for Petrobras and the oil rigs that are shutting down in the Gulf of Mexico because of Obama's regulations. Palin understands that with sound energy comes liberty and away from meddling in Middle Eastern politics.

Palin has never supported anthropogenic global warming. The sub-cabinet she created as Governor was for naturally-occurring climate change, and even then the sub-cabinet was a watchdog-type agency to study the issue, not a regulatory one. As President, Palin will rein in the EPA and reform the Energy and Interior Depts as well, and give more authority to state DNR agencies. Palin does not support cap and trade, while the other GOP candidates have, including Pawlenty, Romney, and Christie, who all support a regional version of it.
Governor Palin does support renewable energy (Alaska is already at 25% of her goal for renewable energy), but only as a long-term goal and only to supplement conventional energies until their use becomes viable and cost-effective. Nationally, Palin does not support them right now and have rejected their premise of it outright in her speech in India last week.

Solar, wind, ethanol, fuel from garbage, skittles crapped from unicorns....these are simply not viable and they do not work unless via massive government mandates and massive government subsidies. When Palin is talking about an "all of the above" approach to energy, she is CLEARLY talking about proven, existing fuels: Coal, nuclear, natural gas, petroleum, hydroelectric, and geothermal. Palin is also not afraid to explore new and groundbreaking energy sources, such as methane hydrates, coal to oil conversion, hydrogen energy (fuel cells), pebble-bed nuclear plants, and nuclear fusion. The other candidates would continue the same-old status-quo of complicating the tax code with credits and subsidies without addressing the core, underlying issue.

Governor Palin is the ONLY Republican candidate who is not afraid to call the environmental movement for what it really is: A hypocritical, leftist movement designed not to care about the environment, but to weaken the U.S. both militarily and economically and facilitate socialism. As President, Palin will tell the envirowackos to pound sand. The other candidates will compromise, grovel, and push for more funding of "green energy" the minute some moonbat calls them a polluter.

Palin also rejects the "green job" myth and rightfully called it social engineering, in her Q & A in India after her speech. Palin knows that green jobs are nothing more than crony capitalism at the expense of working and middle-class taxpayers. She will investigate the Obama stimulus funds that went to green jobs and prosecute the crooks.

Governor Palin is not "in the pockets" of Big Oil, so it will be extremely difficult for her opponents to paint her as such. She promoted tough oversight and accountability in Alaska. But at the same time, Palin recognizes that oil companies need elbow room to do what they need to do. Therefore, Palin will work with the oil companies, and reduce frivolous lawsuits, junk science environmentalism, limit the Endangered Species Act and Clean Air Act, and other ridiculous regulations and directives that are hamstringing energy production.
By working with the oil companies, Palin will cut coastal residents and states in on the royalties, which neutralizes the NIMBY Luddites. Being that Palin is the type of person who wants everyone to benefit rather than a select few, she would probably create a national energy fund where all taxpayers would receive an annual energy rebate of some sorts.

And finally, only Palin can sell energy to a public duped by decades of liberal lies in layman's terms. This message will especially resonate with low-income residents in the Midwest and Northeast. It's BS that there's a federal heating program to help the poor pay for their heating costs in the winter. Here in WI, the law states that residents' power cannot be shut off from November to April. By the time April rolls around, a lot of people are behind and end up getting their electric shut off. Again, this is typical, knee-jerk liberalism that doesn't address the real issue but creates yet another victim class to be exploited and dependent on Democrats. Palin will end this and promote energy production as a means to lower energy prices across the board for all.

Of course, there are other valid reasons why Palin must be the GOP nominee, but energy is by far the most important reason for her to be.

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