Friday, March 18, 2011

Governor Palin's Big International Weekend

Governor Palin will be in India giving the Keynote Speech, "My Vision for America," at the event Saturday. The speech can be viewed on line as it will be live streamed here around 9 AM EST on Saturday morning.

She will then travel to Israel and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss “key issues facing his country, our ally Israel,”on Sunday. This is a very important international trip for the governor and provides her an opportunity to once again demonstrate the obvious comparison of her  leadership skills as opposed to those of  our current President, who's recent trip to India was panned as too expensive and controversial, as it was the first ever use of a Teleprompter in India's Parliament.

The India Today Conclave is a massive business and culture conference studded with Bollywood stars and power players, and is covered by all of India's national press.

India is a key player in foreign affairs and Israel is our key ally in the Mideast that Governor Palin has long stated her support for.

India welcomes Governor Palin and seems genuinely excited about her visit calling her a front runner for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination and potentially the future leader of the free world.

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