Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sarah's Values, as Reflected in America By Heart

Here’s a collection of quotes from Gov. Palin that reflect her values and her view of America.

“We are endowed by our Creator with this sovereignty. That means no person, no king and no government, can rule us without our consent. We all have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that wasn’t given to us by government; it was given to us by God. Therefore, it can’t rightly be taken away by government.” p. 11 of America by Heart

“The phrase ‘one nation under God’ is significant because it puts our freedom beyond the reach of men who ‘preach the supremacy of the state.’ It puts our freedom in the hands of the Creator from whom it came, and that is a safe place indeed.” -from America by Heart

“The wonderful thing about the system we inherited from our Founders is that it doesn’t try to change our humanity, rather, it respects it and honors it.” p. 10 of America by Heart

“For me, this is the essence of freedom: to be a child of God whose God-given rights and responsibilities are respected by her government under the Constitution. What makes all of us Americans isn’t our ancestry or our skin-color but our belief in this freedom.” – p. 12 from America by Heart

“Our Constitution spells out a separation of powers between Congress, the president, and the judiciary for a very good reason: to protect our freedom and our right to govern ourselves from one person’s idea of ‘empathy.’” – p. 16 from America by Heart

“No, ‘transformation’ won’t save America; ‘restoration’ of our honor, dignity, and freedoms will save America.” – p. 17 from America by Heart

“…America doesn’t go to war for big business or for oil or for the sake of imperial conquest. The reason, inevitably, is freedom.” -p. 38 from America by Heart

“When we say America is exceptional we’re saying we are the lucky heirs to a unique set of beliefs and national qualities, and that we need to preserve and value those beliefs. We’re saying America is a model to the world, not a bully to the world, or responsible for the world.” – p. 63 from America by Heart

“One aspect of American exceptionalism as described by Alexis de Tocqueville that is particularly meaningful today is our propensity to govern ourselves, locally, without waiting for any central authority to show us the way.” – p. 65 from America by Heart

“They [original feminists] didn’t believe that men were oppressors, women were victims, and unborn children merely ‘personal choices.’ They believed that we were children of God, and, as such, we were all—men, women, our littlest sisters in the womb, everyone—entitled to love and respect.” – p. 141 from America by Heart

“The new feminism is telling women they are capable and strong. And if keeping a child isn’t possible, adoption is a beautiful choice.” – p. 153 from America by Heart

“This is the lesson our children need: every able-bodied American should be expected to work, and your work ethic gives you wings!” –p. 175 from America by Heart

“Everything that is worthwhile comes through effort. There is no free lunch. Anybody who tries to tell you otherwise is selling something—usually something paid for by your tax dollars.” – p. 179 from America by Heart

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