Monday, March 7, 2011

Governor Palin on Justice with Judge Jeanine

In a great wide ranging interview this past week end, Governor Palin showed once again why she should be in the oval office. Watching this, it is crystal clear that Sarah has the answers to a myriad of problems that are plaguing our Nation.

In her quote on how she would have responded to the threat to Americans in Libya, before they were evacuated, she demonstrated what resolve and true leadership would look like. It's quite a contrast to the current administration.

"instead of being hesitant that perhaps he would harm the American citizens who are over there, we should have told him through strong verbiage, we should have said, 'Qaddafi, if you touch a hair on one American citizen's head, we're going to hit you, we're going to hit you hard and you're not going to be left standing. Instead we were kind of hesitant, kind of dithering, vacillating on our position it seemed and that leads to a kind of perception of weakness around the globe.'"

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