Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sarah Palin?

Okay we've all heard it.

She's too ______________ (fill in the blank)

Listen. The narrative about Governor Palin is false. She is none of the things she's been characterized as. That is a cartoon image that the left has nurtured and developed over the past three years, culminating with the tragic events in Tucson on January 8th when Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot along with 19 others.

I watched in stunned amazement as the press, in an obviously coordinated attack, instantly blamed Governor Palin and the Tea Party for somehow causing a deranged psychotic individual to go on  a murderous rampage. There is absolutely zero evidence that the unhinged shooter; Jared  Loughner had ever seen or even heard of Governor Palin. Friends and acquaintances stated they never heard him mention Palin or anything about her and in fact ,  he was apolitical, or to the extent he held political views, was a radical leftist. It turns out he was a mentally ill person who had been stalking Representative Giffords since 2007, long before Governor Palin was on the national scene.

But the media's coordinated smear was certainly effective, in almost word for word reports, she was blamed for inciting violence with her "rhetoric."  This, of course, is absurd on it's face. (Just look at the "rhetoric" coming from the left in Madison Wisconsin) Governor Palin's political speech is no more violent or dangerous than anyone else's. The problem for the left is, she had been very effective in changing the public discourse and effectively refuting the Obama administrations agenda..

Just days before the shooting, a democrat pollster, commenting on Obama's falling approval ratings stated Obama needs another Oklahoma City bombing type indecent to reconnect with the public. They were ready and waiting for any tragic event they could use to blame their political opposition and stifle their most effective adversary. If you recall, President Clinton effectively blamed talk radio and "hateful rhetoric" from the right for Timothy McViegh's criminal actions.

If you have paid attention to the protesters in Madison over Governor Walker's attempt to reform some things to bring their budget in balance, you can see the left has no compunction about using hateful, violent and threatening "rhetoric'. Republican senators have received death treats!

What the left does, and they do this a lot, is called psychological projection. They will always claim anyone that opposes their agenda is hateful, threatening, and inciting violence. Even if those people are mostly middle-aged women in the Tea Party. Of course the true hate speech and threatening violent rhetoric comes from left wing union thugs and protesters, as have been on display for weeks now in Wisconsin. President Obama held a memorial service (which was much more like a campaign stop, including free T-shirts and a catchy new slogan, 'Together We Thrive") after the Tucson tragedy, yet he is encouraging the mobs in Madison. The double standard is stunning, and obvious to anyone paying attention. Of course the media will never mention it.

The frustrating thing about all this is Sarah Palin had been unfairly slandered. Her negatives shot up, as the media onslaught continued blaming her for days. She was criticized for remaining silent, and when she did address the issue, they  all said she responded in the wrong way. Well, how would you respond to being accused of instigating mass murder? Her response was brilliant, moving,  and effective, and of course that is why they had to denigrate it. Most people probably didn't see her response, but probably saw a brief clip from it along with the disparaging comments.; the narrative just continued.

They have repeated lies about her to the point many people can't seem to differentiate between things she actually has said, and the falsehoods used to ridicule her.

The easiest example: 'I can see Russia from my house."  A statement made by comedienne Tina Fey as she was lampooning governor Palin on Saturday Night Live. I am still amazed at all the people I run in to who believe that is an actual quote from Governor Palin. Ridiculous, but it shows the power the media has.

In George Orwell's famous novel "1984" he writes of  "The Two Minutes Hate" as a ritual observance that is designed to inflame the collective rage of the people against supposed "enemies of the Party." I cannot think of a more appropriate metaphor for what the left has done with Governor Palin. What the left has done with this decent Christian woman's name and reputation is downright evil.

Now, are we going to let the lies and distortions win? Can such evil really triumph righteousness and truth?

This is the battle all Palin supporters must be willing to fight. It is honestly what motivates me to stand up for her at every turn. When they ridicule or demean her, I know they are really demeaning me. My values. My character. Their attacks on her are just a proxy for their disdain of all conservatives. They hate us, and it is manifested in how they treat Governor Palin.

There may be a number of good candidates running for the Presidency on the Republican side this cycle, but because of what she has already had to endure, I will be supporting Governor Palin. To the end.

I firmly believe she is going to run, but if she doesn't, I will write in her name. It's Palin or no one for this Palinista. The cost has been too great, the smears too personal, the attacks too blatant.

They fear her. They know.

Sarah Palin?

Oh yeah!

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