Thursday, March 31, 2011

Palin Derangement / Liberal Psychological Projection

This is a letter to the editor of the Storm Lake Times that I sent in response to an offensive editorial. No one is getting a free pass. As Palinista's we need to confront the smears. It may be a little strongly worded, but like Governor Palin, I am not going to sit down and shut up.

It's like this:

Don't start none
Won't be none


You made a statement about Governor Palin that, while clearly your opinion; was stated as if a fact of certitude. You said, “she is a full-blown idiot.”

Now, this is certainly the narrative that has been propagated by late night comics and a left wing press that has worked tirelessly for almost three years to destroy her. Anyone just barely paying attention has probably picked up on this theme. Unfortunately for her political opponents, it is a false narrative.

She is not the caricature she is portrayed to be, but that certainly represents the opinion of most of the groupthink folks in the democrat party. It takes the ability to listen and read what she actually says, not the often mischaracterized media version, as well as think for oneself, to discern reality.

Governor Palin is unique among political figures, in that she evokes a visceral reaction that is almost Pavlovian.

Like a crucifix to a vampire, her character and inherent goodness causes banal and vituperous evil snarks to shriek in horror. One only has to say her name and stand back and watch the spittle fly.

As such, she has seemingly become a reflecting pool of liberal pathology. It is quite amusing to watch the psychological projection:

Those lacking in intelligence will scream, “She’s stupid!”
Those lacking in sanity will scream, “She’s crazy!”
Those lacking in achievement will scream, ‘She’s unqualified!”
Those lacking in civility will scream, ‘She’s divisive!”

Of course, those of us who have read her books and followed her career a little closer understand this is more a reflection on those making those infantile comments than on Governor Palin.

Still, I do appreciate liberals self identifying. If anyone is curious about Governor Palin’s real record and accomplishments, I’d invite them to check out the Iowan’s4Palin blog on-line.

Thanks, and don’t be too surprised to see Governor Palin in 2012! That feeling you’ll be having is called cognitive dissonance, an affliction many on the left experience when confronted with reality.

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